WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is the Digital Rebar v2 product documentation. The v2 version is EOL as of September 2017. Please refer to the new Digital Rebar Provision v3 documentation:

6.1. Web UX Guide

This is the Digital Rebar Web Experience. Both the UX and the documentation are still under construction.

6.1.15. State Image Key

The follow table describes the states and icons used by Digital Rebar throughout the Web UI.

State Icon Description
Ready Ready (image) Updates applied, Stable
Error Error (image) Failed, Incomplete transition
Queue Queue (image) Annealer waiting until all prereq’s met
Off Off (image) Power is off. No activity possible
Proposed Proposed (image) Waiting on user input
Reserved Reserved (image) User hold on activity
To do TODO (image) All prereq’s met but not Annealer not started yet
Process Process (image) Annealer sent work to Jig