WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is the Digital Rebar v2 product documentation. The v2 version is EOL as of September 2017. Please refer to the new Digital Rebar Provision v3 documentation:

1. IntroductionΒΆ

Describe the doc layout and what we are trying to do.

TODO: Define Audiences

  1. CTO/Explore - principles what and how
  2. Installer/IT - Deploy guide to install DR/RN
  3. Operator/IT - User guide - how to use DR to solve problems.
  4. Contributer Workloads - Workload Guide - new workloads
  5. Contributer Coder/Doc - Development Guide - DR code and docs.
Section Purpose
Introduction Initial information and quick starts
Operational Principles Describes concepts around Digital Rebar
Digital Rebar Architecture Describes components of Digital Rebar
Deployment Guide Describes how to deploy Digital Rebar
User Guide Describes how to use Digital Rebar
Extending Digital Rebar Guide Describes how to extend Digital Rebar
Development Guide Describes how to develop Digital Rebar
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answers questions about Digital Rebar
Digital Rebar Documentation License Legal Stuff