WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is the Digital Rebar v2 product documentation. The v2 version is EOL as of September 2017. Please refer to the new Digital Rebar Provision v3 documentation:

8.11. Build Sledgehammer (Advanced Dev Only)

Sledgehammer is the component of Digital Rebar that is used as a bootstrapping tool to perform initial node discovery and register its discovered state within the Digital Rebar node provisioning framework. After it has been discovered, Sledehammer can be controlled to prepare the hardware, lay down the operating system, and assure correct node configuration. It consists of a slightly modified Centos 7 live environment.

By default, setup will now download golden sledgehammers and this step is not needed.

Only do this step if changes are required for Sledgehammer! We recommend using the golden sledgehammer.

  1. prep for sledgehammer requirements:
    1. ubuntu: sudo apt-get install curl rpm rpm2cpio
  2. from core, tools/
    1. warning: this may take multiple attempts to complete to downloads. Keep trying.
    2. warning: might need a better literal mirror in sledgehammer/sledgehammer.ks - see below.

WARNING: Optional step! Usually requires multiple retries.

8.11.1. Failures

If it fails to find some packages, change the mirror kickstart is using in sledgehammer\sledgehammer.ks

List of mirrors here