WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is the Digital Rebar v2 product documentation. The v2 version is EOL as of September 2017. Please refer to the new Digital Rebar Provision v3 documentation:

8.4. Mark Use

The Digital Rebar name and mark are maintained by RackN until the project goverance moves to an independent body. Users of the project are welcome to use the name and mark. For future project management purposes, RackN requests vendors obtain permission for commercial uses.

8.4.1. Name

Digital Rebar usage options are as follows:

  • The project name is “Digital Rebar” as two words, both capitalized
  • Acceptable alternatives:
    • digital_rebar
    • DigitalRebar (avoid in written text in favor of Digital Rebar)
    • (the “.” is required in this format)
    • dR or DR (do not use Dr)
    • Internally within the project, it is acceptable to just say “Rebar”

8.4.2. Logos

It is acceptable to use the Digital Rebar logos when referencing the project or workloads that leverage the project.

Large Icon:


Small Icon


8.4.3. Mascot

Dr. Mo is the Digital Rebar mascot.


It is acceptable to:

  • add clothing and accouterments
  • change Dr. Mo’s expression

Dr. Mo has no gender and should not be referenced with gender specific pronouns (he or she).